Sunday, August 28, 2011

What is Trash the Dress??

Well….so glad you asked! “Trash The Dress” is somewhat of a new concept. It hasn’t caught on everywhere, and it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Basically, what this type of session consists of is the bride and groom (or sometimes just the bride) doing a photo shoot that is separate from the wedding day itself. It’s often done after the wedding, perhaps even after the bride and groom have returned from their honeymoon. More non-traditional locations are often chosen and the photographer is given a bit of creative license that may not have been afforded during the capture of the ceremony/reception/etc.
The term “Trash The Dress” comes from the idea that the bride is not going to worry about a little dirt, water or staining that may occur to her gown as she is more interested in having spectacular, memorable images of herself wearing it than in preserving the dress itself in a box, hidden away in the closet. Many modern brides are not interested in turning their dress into a family heirloom. This can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the bride and groom’s idea of “trashing” or the location that they are using for the shoot. Often, if the photos are taken on a beach, the couple will even wade into or sit in the water, wearing their wedding attire. Other locations/posing may include a country field or farm, complete with horses, climbing trees, slushing around in the snow, etc. For our session, we decided to glam it up for some urban fashion shooting on the city streets, amidst the grit and grime. It’s the whole idea of contrasts-something that has long been a hallmark of my style of photography and my ideas about art in general. I love the unexpected. And I love when the unexpected makes you say, “Yeah…I never would have thought to do that, but I LOVE it!”. It’s really about taking a little bit of risk and getting a lot of reward.
The whole “Trash The Dress” concept has been slow in catching on around my area, but I am hoping to help change that! The bride and groom can be so much more relaxed, as can the photographer, which in turn leads to spectacular captures. Everyone can breathe and just have a good time. Creativity is not stifled by either nerves or time constraints that both abound on the day of the wedding. This type of shoot can replace or be done in addition to the traditional engagement photos. It’s another whole set of memories that focus on the bride and groom themselves and what they mean to each other. Which is really what getting married is all about, right?!! So, I say go forth and embrace a new way of thinking and shooting and you will only be the better for it! Brides and grooms-think outside the box to get some amazing images of your new life together. Depending on how much you actually “trash” the dress, most of it will likely come out in the wash (or at least make your dry cleaner earn their keep, lol)! Just remember….boring is never a good thing, and a little bit of WILD never hurt anyone!;)

{i found this blog entry from Wild Hearts Photography and just had to share}

Friday, April 29, 2011

Its Been too long!

Hello Loves! Its been way to long since we've Blogged last! Lots of NEW stuff... .com website is now up and running great! ... you can now view your photos in your own album and share with friends and family from around the world, However my absolute favorite feature is being able to order photos off the website and having them ship right to you!
With Mothers day coming up I have gift certificates for all those mommys {old and new} everyone LOVES having photos of their loved ones... so what better way to give back to mom :)
On a Personal note my husband and I have a 3 1/2 yr old female AKC bloodhound we are looking for a new home for... along with 5 CKC bloodhound 8 week olds {they dont go all together of course} .... We would love to keep our female momma but with our jobs, farming, 2 kids {and 1 more on the way ;) }
we simply dont have enough time that she needs! Let me know if your interested.. feel free to call with any ?s

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bridal Show Winners!!

Here are the winners of yesterdays drawing for a FREE engagement OR Bridal session:: Emily Albert, Mallory Armteng, Gaby Santos, Ashonte Stills, Amber Haney, Jessica Madix, Krysta Birkheimer, Abby Walling! congratulations to all and please forgive me if i misspelled anyones names... Make sure you get in contact with me to set up a date :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Bridal Show 2011

Sunday Jan 9th 2011 will be my very first Bridal Show!!!! Come out and see me!!!! All brides that book on sunday will get $100.00 off any package she chooses! Check out the Omaha Bridal website HERE

Welcomed With Love

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